“Supervision from A to Z”

Project leader at a producer of food products “We do business with Indigo Engineering because they go for the best technological solutions, with a good quality-price ratio. Moreover they are extremely flexible and we have no need to worry. We recently installed a new central vacuum system in England. After commissioning, it emerged that the […]

“Actually understands the process”

Jos van Osch van Lutece, producer of canned mushrooms “We wanted to use vacuum cooling to cool the mushrooms to a temperature between 2 and 5° Celsius quickly after picking. Indigo Engineering brought so much additional value with them in the preliminary stage that we chose them. Bonne Heeringa wanted to know all about our […]

” Real and True”

Leo Koolen of Koolen Mushrooms We are very pleased with Indigo Engineering. During the pre Project phase Bonne Heeringa invested lot of time and effort in making the questions translate into an installation that just fullfilled our wishes. We first started with small-scale tests. Then for a few months a pilot plant was installed. Bonne […]

“Pragmatic and structured”

Dirk Berre, Technical Manager at Scandinavian Tobacco Group “We choose Indigo Engineering at the time for their professionalism and knowledge of vacuum drying technology. In the meantime we have completed 5 projects with them, installations for drying cigars and for moisturising tobacco bales. Indigo has much expertise in vacuum installations and drying products. This means […]